Don’t let it happen to you. Come empower yourself with legal knowledge, and have a good time doing it. Our seminars are fun and relaxed, and designed to educate gun owners.

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“Two excellent hours of information, first by one of their attorneys, and second by a police officer. So glad I attended...this is exactly the kind of legal support I was looking for.” – Paula Gurak, U.S. Law Shield Member

“The attorney's presentations were excellent and the information was very current. Excellent organization.” – Jim Mcintosh, U.S. Law Shield Member

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“Don’t become a victim of misinformation. There is a surprising amount of self defense law fiction out there. Come get your facts from an authoritative source.” Kirk Evans - President, U.S. Law Shield

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Ignorance of the law is not a legal excuse

Police Perspective

Know your rights before, during, and after police encounters.

Prosecutor’s Perspective

Find out why it’s important to really know the law.

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